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Our minds have a way of concealing uncomfortable memories and making them difficult to recall.

Buried in the subconscious, unresolved emotions attached to these memories can wreak havoc on us.

By resurfacing them, which is a difficult task unto itself, this emotion is released, and these past events stop influencing the present.

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Bodhi - Smart Journal & Chat

Inventory the Past

The How-To

When you next find yourself in a situation feeling an uncomfortable emotion, ask yourself if the situation reminds you of an earlier event from your life. Chances are you'll find one. Then, head over to your Timeline, make an entry for both events, and connect them with a link. Repeat, and over time insightful patterns will emerge.

Use our chat bot, Raven, to explore those emotions more and events from your life.

And your daily activities are prompts to examine and question the core beliefs underpinning these emotions.

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Inventory your Past

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